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1973 – Dismissed Trans Heroes: Lee Brewster

I’ve noted before how TERFs inspired the violence inflicted upon Stonewall hero Sylvia Revera. Until now, I wasn’t aware that their cruelty was extended to the transperson who coordinated and paid for overturning anti-gay NY laws: Women in the GLF were uncomfortable referring to Rivera—who insisted in using women’s bathrooms, even in City hall—as “she.” Pressure mounted. The year 1973… Read more →

Hypocrisy, Hate and Harm #no2h8splc

The above is a picture of militant lesbians and gays protesting against a movie that promoted false gay stereotypes. Above is what happened when a bunch of RadFems righteously took over the offices of the Ladie’s Home Journal because it was a vector for promoting false stereotypes about women. Protesting negative stereotypes of cisgender women in the media has a long… Read more →

A Challenge to GallusMag, Editor of GenderTrender

Apparently I’ve made the big time. I discovered that GallusMag, self-identified RadFem (TERF), RadFem opinion leader and co-founder of RadFemHub, has attempted to troll me on her infamous TERF blog, GenderTrender. According to GallusMag, I have huge sweaty balls, I’m a man, I hate lesbians and gays, I hate feminists most of all, I have a sexualized image of myself… Read more →

A Shezow Game: Spot the TERF!

Horror of horrors: there’s a cartoon wherein a boy puts on a ring that dresses him up like a female superhero. You just know that’s going to bring out the RadRight/Fem fringe to proclaim that this show signals… Here’s some Rad reactions. I’ve taken these comments from a well-known RadRight blog and a well-known RadFem (TERF) blog. Which comment came… Read more →

TERFisms: the MAAB/FAAB binary

Anti-trans RadFems, AKA Trans Exclusionary RadFems (TERFs) – not to be confused with non-hate radical feminism (AKA, feminism) – claim that gender is a fallacy. As an ironic (though the irony is completely lost on them) substitute, they’ve invented a binary system they call FAAB and MAAB. Once someone is Male Assigned At Birth (MAAB), they are endowed with a privilege that can… Read more →

You might be a TERF if…

I’ve noticed that there seems to be some confusion about what a TERF is so, here’s a quick guide to help you figure out if you’re a TERF. Chances are that you’re a TERF if you believe that you’re a feminist when you… 1.) Claim that transwomen are cismen, that transmen are ciswomen* and purposefully misgender transpeople. 2.) Out transpeople to employers. 3.) Tell trans women their surgery… Read more →

1974: TERFs & Trans Folk

The following article was published in 1974, one year after TERFs politicized the use of restrooms, advocated for the public exclusion of trans people in the queer rights movement and participated in beating trans hero Sylvia Rivera and forming a mob to physically hunt and ostracized trans pioneer, Beth Elliott . Keep in mind that all of this was happening just… Read more →