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The mission of The TERFs is to monitor and expose the harmful behavior of this hate group.  This site contains disturbing quotes and imagery by TERFs.

It is oftentimes the goal of TERFs to target and attack trans people and their allies. Much of what they have to say is specifically designed to trigger and inspire pain in trans people and shame in their allies.


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This site may sometimes link to the original hate content for purposes of authentication. Links which go to TERF-owned sites will be (starting 10/8/13) noted with an asterisk (*).

Many of these sites track trans people and their allies and are known to dox people, contact your employer, harass the people you know and even contact your medical provider.

If you choose to visit asterisk sites, please consider utilizing the Tor ProjectIt will protect your IP address from those who are actively trying to use it for harassment.

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  1. Maud
    Maud at | | Reply

    A couple genuinely sincere questions from a very respectful and involved LGBT ally:

    Is there a site that exposes Trans Exclusionary Radical Men? Or maybe a site that exposes hate without limiting it to only women? It seems like cis men are the people freaking out most about trans. Cis men are the reason for the Trans sex trade. Cis men are who kill trans people. Cis men are in control of who goes to the bathroom where, health care, and the legal status of LGBT community members. My trans friends and I are far more afraid of cis men and their violent attachment to their gender norm than any cis woman. Sure cis women say stupid hateful things but so do trans people. Individual anecdotes are not reasons to hate an entire group of people… All marginalized people should get this.

    Hate is ugly and women are easy targets whether cis or trans. Please be careful of who you hate.

    1. Cassie Brighter
      Cassie Brighter at | | Reply

      Read the circumstances of the murder of Gwen Araujo. It was four cis het men who committed the violence against her. But what started it? What fueled it? It was Nicole Brown – a cis woman – who accused her publicly of being “a man,” who forcibly and non-consensually felt up Gwen’s genitals, who incited the violence.

  2. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
    Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf at | | Reply

    TERF is a hate crime

    TERF (Trans-exclusionary radical feminism) hate transgender persons, this is not freedom of speech, it is a hate crime

    Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

    transgender medical, human rights
    Melbourne, Australia

  3. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
    Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf at | | Reply

    Transgender hate speech is not freedom of speech, it is a hate crime.


    1. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
      Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf at | | Reply

      This url is now updated, please use the one above, thank you.

  4. Jaime Schutter
    Jaime Schutter at | | Reply

    This disturbs me greatly, how warped and cruel a mind can become. I know, it’s just gross ignorance, right? But oh, what ignorance can do to a human being….namely, THIS. It makes me afraid for Transgender people, actually all people.

  5. Katrina DeMonica
    Katrina DeMonica at | | Reply

    Within so many of these TERF quotes I see reference being made that GID is a mental illness and nothing more, and indeed that if this is the case then something to be ashamed of. But of course fantasising about killing sections of the populace, infanticide or enforced castration, that’s not mentally ill at all, is it? It’s just pure hatred and facist. When will people understand that what the world needs is tolerance, love and understanding regardless of sex, gender, sexuality etc.

  6. Natalie Eva
    Natalie Eva at | | Reply

    There is a catch 22 here. I am scared. But, if I’m scared, the terfs win. advece?

    1. juliya
      juliya at | | Reply

      they are denying trans existence… they cant win because trans people do exist (obviously). although, you should be scared because these are terrorists who are actively trying to kill trans people. and they have succeeded gracefully in the past by passing bullshit laws and using pathos to persuade potential other lgbt hate groups. however, there are all sorts of terrorists in the world. their are religious extremists all over who want to kill all sorts of different people. remember how muslims are promised a bunch of virgins in heaven for killing americans or christians (whoever they hate and accuse of being wrong). TERFs are like this… no matter what, they cant get their minds of the virgins.

  7. sara
    sara at | | Reply

    TOR is a bit to complicated for most non-techies! Might I suggest they join the listserv @ http://www.peacefire.org/circumventor instead? Occasionally users receive an email containing the address of a new web proxy to use, ostensibly to avoid filtering software at work, school, etc., but it can as easily be used to circumvent IP back-tracking, too. You simply click on the link provided, type in the URL you wish to visit and be connected to the site…but the site’s server logs show the IP address of the proxy, not you. Always verify any new proxy is working by visiting http://whatismyipaddress.com/ (first Google hit for “your IP address) or other such sites.

  8. Caroline Jones
    Caroline Jones at | | Reply

    I am sickened by the words and deeds of trans-haters like Sheila Jeffreys, Germaine Greer, Julie Bindel and others who dress their hatred of trans people in the clothes of academe and published social commentary. Jeffreys even notes with surprise that she’s shifting to the right of politics, aligning herself with the likes of Norman Tebbitt. She thinks this might surprise Tebbit, an elected Conservative Member of the UK’s Parliament. On the contrary, Tebbitt and other right-wingers across the globe are delighted to benefit from this split in feminism created by the trans-haters. The trans-haters who inhabit the Women’s Movement are working to the fundamental detriment of all women but they’re too arrogant and driven by hatred of trans women to comprehend it.

    1. white squirrel
      white squirrel at | | Reply

      Totally agree
      what the TERFs apparently fail to realise is that
      IF being trans is merely ‘all in the mind’ and transwomen are ‘ just men who claim to be / identify as women’
      THEN it logicallay follows that lesbianism can also said to be ‘all in the mind’ and lesbians are ‘just hetrowomen who claim to be /identify as lesbians’

      this is dangerous as it reinforces ‘traditional ‘ gender roles
      if the right wing catch on to the claim that ‘trans is all just in the mind’
      then the LGB will be next
      then feminism itself after that
      TERF = men get back into your alloted social place / role and women do likewise

  9. TERF supports anti-gay activist group | The Transadvocate

    […] This TERF is known to record IP addresses and out trans people. Please see this post before going to her […]

  10. Julia
    Julia at | | Reply

    I am a transsexual woman and a feminist.
    Unfortunately, these are the “feminists” that almost destroyed the women’s movement with their insane divisionary politics.
    “Deep Green” has become a cult of personality designed to serve it’s few members, sell books, and make them seem important. Listening to Derrek Jensen makes me feel like i’m listeing to Captain Planet science fiction, except he’s less inspiring, generally.

  11. ivarhusa
    ivarhusa at | | Reply

    I am hoping that because I had never heard of this flavor of hate, that it is merely a very small subset of humanity. Talk about people giving feminism a bad name, with this crap. The trans community deserves our support.

  12. loritg
    loritg at | | Reply

    I can’t believe there are people like this! This really upsets me. Even if you don’t agree with transsexualism you don’t wish them dead. This is so inhumane! These people need help badly!

  13. loritg
    loritg at | | Reply

    I can’t believe there are people out there like this! This is sick behavior. Even if you don’t agree with transsexualism you don’t wish them to be dead. That’s inhumane. This really upsets me.


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